RHS Summer Hoops Info

Coach Earl has released the 2021/2022 High School summer hoops info... Summer_Hoops_Info.pdf.


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The Richland Gunners Basketball Club (LLC) was formed in the spring of 2011 and is dedicated to developing future Richland Bombers basketball players and teams.  

This objective will be accomplished by:

a)  Providing increased opportunities for kids to play basketball (through open gyms, skill clinics, summer leagues, etc.)

b)  Establishing Gunners AAU teams.  These teams will be coached in a manner consistent with the philosophies and teachings of the Richland Bombers basketball program.  We believe the more opportunities we give future Bombers to play together, the better their chemistry and teamwork will be during their high school careers.

There are two key requirements for joining the Richland Gunners Basketball Club:

1) You are an aspiring Richland Bomber basketball player

2) You are committed to becoming a better basketball player and will devote the time and effort necessary to increase your basketball skill set.


If interested in joining Gunners, please email


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